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Our primary emphasis is on firearm training, specializing in the use of handguns, rifles, and carbines in close quarter combat scenarios. In addition, we also incorporate the use of secondary weapons (bladed and impact weapons), as well as highly effective hand to hand combatives, which are Krav Maga-based but which have been adapted to enhance weapon access, weapon use, and weapon retention. 


1834 Tactical is an internationally recognized and accredited organization with a solid track record of teaching not just sound theory and drill work, but equipping tactical operators and teams, particularly in the executive security and law enforcement sectors, with skills that have overwhelmingly proven themselves in actual operations where there is no room for error or ego. We also provide bespoke executive security services.


1834 Tactical is headquartered in South Africa, which is one of the most violent countries on the planet. Law enforcement and private security agencies within South Africa routinely deal with extreme violence, in the form of highly organized and well-armed crime syndicates, drug cartels, cash-in-transit robbery syndicates, and gangs which are not afraid to engage with any person or agency perceived to be a threat.


Against this background, the system of tactical shooting and close quarter combat developed by 1834 Tactical has evolved through on-the-ground experience, as well as internationally utilized best practices within the courses we present. In addition, we have engaged the services of leading European security specialists, as well as Special Forces trainers, to further add value and knowledge to our training.

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